For TRANSPEL®, it is essential that you feel confident in the hands of professional and well trained staff in the transplant technique developed by Dr. Arturo Sandoval Camarena (†).

We can offer this confidence for the following reasons:

• Having been bald Dr. Arturo Sandoval Camarena (†) developed an artistic sensibility, that he managed to sensitize to his professional staff, understanding the need for a natural and artistic result.

• If you experiment with other specialists or methods and they do not preform a professional job, this can mark you for life. As there are no human donors and hair is a non-renewable resource.

• We have the experience of more than 23,000 cases in over 20 countries.

• We have more than 26 years of experience and leadership in the field of hair transplant surgery.

• An extensive curriculum in hair transplant surgery nationwide, and one of the most important at an international level.

• We have the confidence of artistic personalities, political, business, social and sporting world among which are: Gerardo Flores, Mauricio Herrera, Cesar Evora, Sergio Catalan, Oscar Ruggeri and Arturo Barba to mention some of the more than 23,000 cases have relied on the artistic ability of TRANSPEL® team.

• Techniques such as the Triple SSS® (Sandoval's-Score-Spread®) and SPHD® (Shingle Point Hairline Design®) were developed by Dr. Arturo Sandoval Camarena (†), and his genuine concern achieved the most natural image that today is the greatest legacy alive thanks to his team of professionals.

• You can confirm the quality of TRANSPEL® with any clinic or doctor at an international level based on satisfactory results.

• For us the most important thing is achieving the natural look for you..

The team of professionals will do their best work in order to solve your baldness issue, as Dr. Arturo Sandoval Camarena resolved it in his person and more than 23,000 people who have and continue to rely on TRANSPEL®.

It will be an honor for us to have your trust, welcome to the TRANSPEL® experience.

Arturo Sandoval Camarena

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