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Why Transpel?

I.S.H.R.S. congress
Amsterdam, Netherlands

TRANSPEL has being leader in México for 26 years, preforming more than 23,000 procedures on patients from more than 20 countries. Having the confidence of important personalities of the artistic, political, business, social and sporting world, among them are: Gerardo Flores, Julio German (†), Mauricio Herrera, Cesar Evora, Sergio Catalan, Oscar Ruggeri, Arturo Barba and Jesus Gallegos (†) to name a few.

Our Doctors are teachers and spokespeople at international conferences, and authors of numerous articles for medical journals and books such as Hair Transplantation II, III and IV (Editor Walter P. Unger and Ron Shapiro).

Transpel has hosted the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Experts Meeting. The event brings together the most renowned surgeons in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America, which together have added more than 650 hours of experience and great feedback.

Dr. Arturo Sandoval Camarena (†) had the highest curriculum in surgery for baldness nationwide and one of the most important internationally, which leaves a huge legacy implemented by professional team of collaborators in Transpel.

Recognition to the artistic design of Transpel and to Dr. Arturo Sandoval Camarena.

Some acknowledgments received by Dr. Arturo Sandoval Camarena (†):

By the board of the ISHRS.

He was recognized by the Dermatologic Surgery (Dermatologic Surgery, Millenium Paper, Dr. Walter Unger) journal as a leader in the field of hair transplant.

He was an honorary member of the Brazilian Society of Surgery for baldness.

The technique (SPHD) Shingle Point Hairline Design and Arturo Sandoval's Score Spread Technique developed by Dr. Arturo Sandoval Camarena (†) and widely accepted by many other doctors in the world. Being the only one that allows you to create indistinguishable lines. The presentation of this technique was awarded first place at the annual congress of the ISHRS in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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